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Are you satisfied with your impact as a leader?  Are those who follow you satisfied?  According to a recent survey, 47% of all employees are not happy with the effectiveness of their leaders.  With almost half the workforce unhappy with how they are led, this is a BIG issue!

Do you want more personal capability to be on the winning side as a leader of an organization that is going somewhere? Would you like more confidence and ability to build your business, solve its problems, meet changing conditions, and create an environment based on mutual respect, shared knowledge, and a common commitment for success?

We can help.

Welcome to Leadership Solutions Now -

Where you can get the help you need through our network of successful business leaders - globally located - dedicated to sharing with you the keys to becoming a more effective leader in addressing the challenges of growth and change in your organization.

Who Are We?

Experienced executives who have spent years in successful leadership roles. We have walked in your shoes, managed organizations through many challenges, faced constantly changing and sometimes unpredictable competitive pressures in the marketplace, plus learned to manage an increasingly diverse workforce. We know from experience what you continually face as a leader. .

Why Do We Want To Help?

Because we are committed to the success of our business leaders. Our future depends on it. And, we know the value of an experienced helping hand! We understood the value of being coached, trained, and facilitated through our challenges and are happy that we took the time and spent the resources to master the skills necessary to meet those challenges.

Now, we want to help others experience for themselves the value gained from our leadership journeys. We had support from others at those key points and now want to help you get the capabilities and solutions you need at the time you need it.

How Can We Help?

By offering our services at those times you desire help. We usually avoid simple "off the shelf - one size fits all" solutions, instead, helping you tailor solutions that fit the business leadership situation you face. Our people will coach you through developing workable strategies and solutions, and, as important, be available throughout the implementation stage.

Our consulting team possesses both the "hard" and "soft" skills necessary to run a successful business. They truly appreciate those "human factors" that can make or break successful execution of plans. They have taken the time to add to their skill base the ability to coach and teach all the critical tools for leadership success and implementing change. This is one of the reasons our consultants can provide a unique edge over others who lack hard experience of their own and may not intuitively understand your business needs.

We firmly believe you and your team can dramatically elevate your leadership impact through our work with you, whether it is through face-to-face or virtual means.

Please review those areas where we can apply consulting, coaching, training, and facilitation on your behalf to provide a real "edge" in your business growth. Take a look at our Provider Network. Check out our blog where you will find a host of great ideas and links to some of the great leadership currents and ideas of our time.

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